Our management partners have more than 25 years of experience in infrastructure, construction and public services management, involving the development, financing, design, business transformation and management of a large variety of assets. Over the long term our business model is to develop and manage high-quality assets and infrastructures by transforming nonperforming assets and infrastructures in the utilities and construction segments. This allows us to recover crucial assets and infrastructures for the community while delivering a risk-adjusted return to our clients. We are committed to supporting and helping our clients to achieve their goals by focusing on the needs of the people we serve.



What we do.

Who we benefit.

We work to make infrastructures useful, sustainable, profitable, and adapted to market needs. We collaborate with public authorities, investors, asset holders, and contractors in the delivery, management, and upgrade of infrastructure projects, as well as in the recovery and transformation of nonperforming assets, distressed infrastructure projects and community services..


Our commitment in serving the community is holistic. We aim at optimally serving communities, identifying their needs, even if they are not obvious, providing real value for money solutions, and taking care of their environmental and social impact. We aim ar setting win-win relationships everywhere we work and with all those with whom we work, promoting strong and long-term relationships with local partners.


We are close to local, regional and central governments. We work together in spotting the gaps in the public services and infrastructure management, improving performance, giving access to innovation in technology, management or reengineering processes. Beyond the classical outsourcing from public to private sector, we collaborate with public authorities under an open relationship based on value addition, solving inefficiencies and ineffectiveness, adapting and providing new ranges of services to achieve customer higher expectations, and serving the community in an optimal way.


With a value-oriented management approach we concentrate our activity in the fields and activities in which we have a relevant experience. Those are the areas where we can add value and make a true difference. Making capital preservation a priority, we are committed to protect and enhance the value of our clients’ assets.

Mission, Vision and Values.



Our mission is to provide value to the infrastructures we manage, recover nonperforming assets, deliver a risk-adjusted return to our clients, improve and recover key infrastructure for the community, and reduce financial and environmental risks on distressed infrastructures and assets.